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Nordmedia Conference Oslo, 8-11 August 2013; MEDIA project participation

Integrating media production with the new modes of communication
– a joint research programme in northernmost Europe
Ann-Kristin Juntti-Henriksson1 and Riitta Brusila2
1Lulea University of Technology, Media and Communication Studies, Lulea, Sweden
2University of Lapland, Graphic Design, Rovaniemi, Finland
The boundaries between media forms are becoming increasingly unclear and are in many cases converging. At the same time, patterns of media consumption are being transformed, and the conditions of media production are changing in fundamental ways. The ongoing revolution within the media world may therefore be analyzed through interdisciplinary approaches. We will discuss some early findings from our EU-funded research program “Integrating media production with the new modes of communication”.
The aim of the research program is to study media consumption and interpretation as well as to foresee future developments in the (new) media industries. This means that we are performing research from different angles and perspectives that should increase our understanding about changes occurring in the media landscape (including social media). The research program concentrates on combining the complementary knowledge and competence at universities/research institutes in northernmost Sweden, Finland and Norway. By this short communication we want to initiate dialogue and discussion about how the change of the media landscape affects users as well as the producers and industries of media.
Keywords: Media landscape, new media, social media, media industry



MEDIA Interreg IV A Nord project

This is the blog of the EU Interreg IV A Nord project "MEDIA" that will run 2011-2014. The project is lead by Luleå University of Technology. Follow our research and collaboration with the media industry here!

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